MN Government Updates 01.11.21

Minnesota Department of Health Briefing

This afternoon, officials from the Minnesota Department of Health conducted a media briefing with reporters tupdate the public on the spread of COVID-19 and discuss COVID-19 vaccination.

Commissioner Jan Malcolm, Department of Health

  • Commissioner Malcolm reported more than 4,600 cases of COVID-19 over the weekend. The total number of COVID-19 cases in Minnesota thus far is 437,552.
  • 2,483 cases reported on Saturday
  • 2,165 cases reported on Sunday
  • 980 cases reported today. However, this is not the full case count due ta reporting delay.
  • 15,980 COVID-19 tests were processed yesterday.
  • Another 87 Minnesotans died due tCOVID-19 over the weekend. The total number of COVID-19 deaths in Minnesota thus far is 5,711.
  • 43 deaths reported on Saturday
  • 44 deaths reported on Sunday.
  • 4 deaths reported for today.
  • Currently, 686 Minnesotans are hospitalized due tCOVID-19 with 141 in the ICU.
  • As of last Friday, 147,647 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Minnesota. A total of about 400,000 doses of vaccinates have been allocated tthe state.

Assistant Director Sara Vetter, Minnesota Public Health Laboratory

On Saturday, the Minnesota Department of Health announced the new strain of COVID-19 was found in the state. The strain, labeled as B117, was confirmed in five Minnesotans.

  • Their ages ranged from 15 t37.
  • The illness ranged from December 16 tDecember 31.
  • None of the individuals with the B117 strain of the virus were hospitalized.
  • Twof the individuals reported international travel.
  • While this strain of the virus is more transmissible, it does not appear tcause more serious disease.
  • Preliminary studies show that the COVID-19 vaccine in use is effective against the variant strain.
  • According tthe CDC, 63 cases have been identified in eight states as of January 9.

January Revenue and Economic Update

Today, Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) released its January Revenue and Economic Update. This report shows how actual revenue collections for the current year compare tthe previous forecast and notes changes in the national and state economic outlook.

Minnesota’s net general fund receipts for November and December of FY 2021 are now estimated ttotal $4.098 billion, $167 million (4.3 percent) more than forecast in the November 2020 Budget and Economic Forecast. Net receipts exceeded the forecast for sales, corporate, and other taxes, more than offsetting net individual income tax receipts that were below the forecast.

Read the full memo from MMB here.

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