Why Insulate?




  • The most widely accepted benefits of insulation are energy savings and the resulting cost of savings that can be realized. Energy is often the most costly component in managing a manufacturing facility and its processes. Thus, reducing energy consumption reduces costs.

  • Insulation is a technology that can provide unrivaled rates of return on investment (ROI) and improve life-cycle cost. Yet, despite the overwhelming proof, insulation is often not considered from an ROI perspective.

  • A reduction in energy consumption means less fossil fuel is being burned to produce energy. The result is a reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

  • Most processes involve fluid, air, or gas, and are designed to leave point A at one temperature or pressure and arrive at point B at another. The initial design incorporates a series of engineering assumptions.

  • Do you want to start thinking “green”? Insulation systems – both individually or in combination with other building or equipment design options – can be vital to accomplishing your environmental stewardship objectives.

  • When was the last time you heard about mechanical insulation at a safety meeting? Insulation systems can be a vital component in applications related to life safety, such as applications for commercial kitchen ducts, return air plenums, protection of power and communication conduit trays, and other similar appliances.


Who We Are

Founded in 1913, Insulators Local 34 provides opportunties, training and benefits to hundreds of expertly trained members. Working with elite contractors in the Minnesota-Western Wisconsin region, they install today’s most demanding mechanical insulation solutions for corporate and non-profit organizations. At Insulators Local 34, we don’t just keep up with new developments, we stay well ahead of them. Our proven apprenticeship training programs and powerful outreach initiatives support a highly-skilled, networked membership who are experts in the latest mechanical insulation technologies. From our apprenticeship program to rigorous ongoing training and certifications, Insulators Local 34 delivers the practical and technological education our members need for success. That training puts our members safely to work installing mechanical insulation solutions in the most challenging environments: nuclear plants, military facilities, manufacturing and chemical plants, retail malls, hospital, university and educational buildings, and more.

Forging alliances 

At Insulators Local 34, we aren’t satisfied with training the best mechanical insulation installers in the business. We’re hard at work bringing business to our members. In May 2009, The National Insulation Association and International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers formed a powerful alliance to generate awareness of mechanical’s insulations many benefits. Our outreach includes a robust campaign that effectively harnesses solid data and powerful financial arguments to target potential industrial and retail clients. So far, that campaign has generated hundreds of jobs and thousands of miles of insulation. 

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