Permission to Work!

Local34 Members:

Please find the attached Executive Order issued by Gov. Walz along with my read of it (same text as below).

pdfExecutive Order

pdfOkay to Work

Response by Sam Schultz

My initial read of this order is that it allows workers in the following critical service categories to go to work:

  • Workers in skilled trades related to construction of all kind.
  • Workers engaged in roadway construction, maintenance and utility projects.
  • Workers performing public workers construction including construction of critical or strategic infrastructure.
  • Construction materials suppliers and workers providing services necessary to maintain construction materials sources.
  • Workers supporting building code enforcement.
  • Workers performing any construction required in response to COVID-19, including health care faciilties and essential businesses and services.
  • Construction required for emergency repairs and safety.
  • Critical Labor Functions. Includes labor union essential functions, including health and welfare funds and monitoring safety of members.

We are considered an essential worker. If you want to continue to work and your job stays open it will be allowed. Please keep social distancing and stay safe in this time.

In solidarity,

Samuel Schultz



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